Sunday, April 6, 2008

Speed dating for the older single

Speed dating may be quick but it takes a lot of energy, writes Anna Wise.

IT STARTED badly: 14 women and seven men. Even a novice could tell the numbers were wrong. A few women approached the organiser and offered to leave but I hung back. I knew that if I left now, I would never return to this bar perched on a plateau overlooking the Yarra.

This was no casual dinner. I was at my first experience of speed dating and I was nervous. It didn't help that the numbers were lopsided in the traditional too-many-females-to-males-ratio that bedevils dating for the baby boomer generation.

Stampede over, I was greeted by Brenda, a tall, spiky-haired veteran and self-appointed host. Within two sips of our complimentary glasses of wine we were swapping smiles and accounts of our few attempts to meet men.


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